Vacuum circuit breakers rated from 12kV up to 35 kV are one of the products by CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. (India).

More than 50,000 vacuum circuit breakers have been installed and are operational worldwide. They have been tested and proven over more than three decades. CG is the largest manufacturer of vacuum circuit breakers in India, accredited by market-renowned research firms like Frost & Sullivan. This product is specially designed for outdoor installation with a rated voltage ranging from 10 to 40.5 kV. Over the years, these circuit breakers have undergone continuous design improvement, enabling them to meet all aspects of reliability and safety.

In Ukraine, this equipment range is presented in the 35 kV voltage class.

The operation of the PCVCB series vacuum circuit breakers is based on the motion of the mechanism initiated by springs, which are wound using an electric motor or manually, if necessary. Vacuum circuit breakers of this series are capable of interrupting current in various electrical networks and are considered highly reliable. The arc extinction in the vacuum interrupters is achieved using the auto-compression arc-quenching method, ensuring high operational reliability and stability for power transmission lines and energy systems.

Product Features:

  • A harmonious combination of compactness, simplicity, and robustness.
  • This product is suitable for use in all weather conditions and is adapted for operation in highly polluted environments.
  • The breaker system within the pole is completely isolated from the external environment to prevent moisture ingress.
  • CG produces high-reliability vacuum interrupters, relay protection, and spring mechanisms.
  • Low noise levels and minimal technical servicing requirements without the need for special tools or techniques.
  • The product has been tested to enhance mechanical strength in Class M2 according to IEC 62271-100, providing at least 10,000 mechanical switching sequences with minimal maintenance.
  • It can be used for automatic reclosing thanks to control systems compatible with SCADA.
  • The breaker has undergone all standard tests in well-known laboratories such as KEMA – Netherlands, KERI – Korea, CPRI/ERDA – India.