We were always keen to deliver the maximum value to our clients, by launching a new product, based on circular economy models, we want to deliver even more!

Traditional “Linear Economy”, in which the manufacturer is responsible only for the beginning of the product lifecycle (sales, installation, serving guaranty period) leaving the future of its products to the buyer, which end up in the garbage dump. This approach must stay in the past.

Applied Pro is offering more effective solutions for our clients and creating a more sustainable future for the planet and minimizing usage of its resources. We are improving our equipment to serve longer, introducing all the elements necessary to prevent breakdowns, extending the life cycle of the goods and re-using as many materials as possible. Our solutions target 7 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, create new jobs, and ensure the European future of Ukraine’s economy.

Ukraine is missing real business cases in the field of circular economy – we want to change this. The environmental situation is getting worse. As a result of military aggression energy infrastructure in Ukraine is highly damaged and a mutual part of the equipment is already out of order or running to the end of its life cycle. Applied Pro is in the frontline to tackle the challenge.

“Circular economy and resource efficiency” are important topics for Ukraine, Europe, and the world. Today, a lot of our thoughts are focused on delivering new business models within circular economy principles, aiming to re-think the processes, re-design the products, re-manufacture goods, and re-use material. Please join us.

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