Metal oxide surge arresters manufactured by CG Power and Industrial Solutions, Ltd. consist of an active part, which is a series connection of nonlinear ceramic resistors mainly made of zinc oxide (ZnO). Small zinc oxide (ZnO) crystals are surrounded by oxides of other metals (impurities).

All the surge arresters presented in this catalog by CG are designed according to ANSI-IEEE C62.11 and IEC 60099-4 standards.

Key Features:

  • Unique toroidal construction of ZnO varistor elements provides high energy capacity, uniform density distribution, and temperature.
  • Resistant to impact.
  • Simple and robust limiter construction.
  • Extremely high nonlinearity of ZnO varistor elements.
  • Rigid blocking of ZnO varistor elements.
  • Low power dissipation and, consequently, improved operational characteristics at elevated temperatures.
  • Assembly line with controlled environment.
  • Exceptionally stable elements and, as a result, enhanced overvoltage protection.
  • Manufacture of insulators from porcelain and polymer.