SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers are among the main products of CG Power and Industrial Solutions LTD. (India).

CG is one of the leading manufacturers of SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers in the world. Since 1983, over 30,000 SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers have been installed in many countries around the world and under various climatic conditions. The operational range of CG SF6 circuit breakers ranges from 35 kV to 750 kV, and in Ukraine, this equipment lineup is presented in voltage classes from 35 kV to 330 kV.

The main type of this equipment is the SFM SF6 circuit breaker with a spring-operated mechanism. The operation of these SF6 circuit breaker is based on the movement of the mechanism using springs, which are charged by an electric motor and can also be charged manually when necessary. The SF6 circuit breakers of this series are capable of interrupting current in various power networks and are rightfully considered one of the most reliable. Auto-compression arc quenching is employed in the arc chambers of these SF6 circuit breakers to extinguish the arc that occurs during line disconnection, ensuring high operational reliability and stability of power transmission lines and the energy system.


– Meets the requirements of GOST 15150 for (U) temperature range down to -45°C;

– Simple and compact design;

– Installation height of the switch can be customized according to customer specifications;

– Reliable design of the arc quenching chamber;

– Easy installation;

– Testing conducted by world leaders CESI (Italy), KEMA (Netherlands).