Reporting a change in strategy

“Applied Pro” following Circular Economy principles. We believe that by following this economic model our company will contribute to moving Ukrainian economy towards European market, prosperous and sustainable future. All our products are produced in factories in a way that to function as longer as possible, designed for re-use, as well as all Applied Pro activities in Ukraine are focused to maximize these capabilities, by constant monitoring, maintenance and care.

Our company offers not only traditional purchase model of electrotechnical products but an option to use these products on subscription model without transferring ownership. This approach gives us a chance to be responsible for all lifespan of our products and maximize the utilization of natural resources spent on production of the products.

Using equipment on subscription model brings our client following value:

  • No capital investment required no risks; 
  • Lifespan guaranty for all equipment! 
  • Free maintenance;
  • No-fault guarantee more 99.7% time;
  • Replacement at any time;
  • 20% lower NPV (net present value) for expenditures in equipment with “new subscription” model!